Commitment to Inclusiveness

The burden of typhoid and other invasive salmonelloses is a global one, affecting people—either directly or indirectly—of all ages, genders, income levels and geographies. Recognizing this, the Coalition against Typhoid is strongly committed to fostering an inclusive dialogue, where all voices can be heard and contribute to the fight to take on typhoid.  

As such, we are establishing a new Commitment to Inclusiveness. Under this commitment, we will aim to create a program which is inclusive and representative of the many diverse voices and perspectives needed to meet the challenges ahead for the control and prevention of typhoid and other invasive salmonelloses.  

To help us reach this goal, we are encouraging all session conveners to join us in our Commitment, ensuring that their proposed session meet at least two of the following criteria:  

  • No more than 60 percent of presenters may be of the same gender 
  • At least 30 percent of presenters must be under the age of 40 
  • At least 30 precent of presenters must be from a low- or lower-middle-income country