Every two years, the Coalition against Typhoid, based at the Sabin Vaccine Institute, convenes the International Conference on Typhoid & Other Invasive Salmonelloses. The conference brings together researchers, policymakers and advocates to advance a clear agenda for prevention and control of typhoid and related diseases. At the conference, global experts share the latest developments and strategies to reduce the burden of typhoid, paratyphoid and invasive nontyphoidal Salmonella (iNTS) disease for communities around the world.
Information on past conferences including agendas, presentations, and videos can be found here.

12th International Conference on Typhoid & Other Invasive Salmonelloses is going virtual December 6-8, 2021.
Achieving Impact: Charting the Course to Meet the Challenges Ahead

On the heels of both new successes (e.g., recent introductions of typhoid conjugate vaccine) and global challenges (e.g., the COVID-19 pandemic), the 12th International Conference comes at an important time for global typhoid prevention and control. To reflect this, this year’s meeting will be convened under the theme, Achieving Impact: Charting the Course to Meet the Challenges Ahead, and will focus on how to best carry forward the momentum of recent progress while also developing and driving new solutions and strategies that help us to address the key challenges ahead, including:

Expanding introduction of and access to typhoid conjugate vaccine (TCV) to all endemic countries
Building the evidence base on TCV impact and effectiveness
Advancing research and development of interventions against paratyphoid and iNTS disease
Mitigating the effects of rising rates of antimicrobial resistance
Collaborating and engaging with partners in the WASH sector
Preparing for and building resiliency against the effects of climate change
Advocating sustained support for typhoid control and prevention in the post-pandemic environment